About Us

Basically A poet is the social scientist of his society, his observation power is always unique from common person & he has god gifted qualities to feel the things & what he observes he feels it in his mind so deep that this deepness of thinking give birth to the new expressions of thoughts in a typical pattern that is called a poetry,
Social evils,art,beauty,nature,love,hate,sorrows,pain are always a fertile topics of the poets for their verses that they create after their observations,
What made us to make this website???
Urdu language has a very fertile history of poetry in Urdu literature,Urdu is the language of expressions of common man in a simple & perfect form,
Today is the era of technology when every person is using mobiles & other modern tools to get connected & send their expressions of thoughts to the like minded,close ones friends relatives & whole nears & dears so we thought to provide a platform to the young generation where they can find all the poetry with great poets under one umbrellas and they don’t need to search different forms of poetry from different sources.